Larry Bauer on vertical marketing and the benefits to our clients.

LarryBauerWebImageOur own Larry Bauer, Chief Strategy Officer, spoke at a recent webinar on vertical marketing sponsored by thINK, an independent community of Canon Solutions America’s production print customers, solution partners, and print industry experts.

While the common wisdom is that vertical marketing increases production efficiencies for suppliers like us who employ the tactic, it may be a surprise to learn that vertical marketing offers significant benefits to our clients as well.

“Vertical marketing begins by establishing target client segments based on similarities in print needs and buying preferences,” describes Larry. “This concentration on providing services to a particular industry, such as grocery, brings about better resource deployment, resulting in economies we then pass along to our clients.

“In addition, this vertical focus can provide a road map to developing new, proprietary technologies specific to our target segments, as well as guide us in the procurement of suitable state-of-the-art equipment,” says Larry.

A few of Bacompt’s grocery-specific technologies:

  • Proprietary die cutting and laminating processes
  • Kitting and fulfillment
  • Specialty adhesives for high moisture or freezing temps
  • Easy-lift edge
  • Horseshoe cut
  • Cloud-based in-store publishing
  • Third-party marketing programs for nutrition, wine, and sustainability

Rounding out our robust portfolio of digital presses, Bacompt recently installed the revolutionary Océ VarioPrint i300 color digital press, giving us the ability to print up to 294 letter images per minute (or more than 8,500 duplex letter sheets per hour).

“You can’t be all things to all people,” explains Larry. “But by taking a vertical marketing approach, each client benefits from everything we learn cumulatively from the entire segment. We’d like to think that our deep knowledge of grocery and other retail also paves the way to a better customer experience because we can promise personal interaction with any member of the team, from sales to data programming.”

If you’d like to expand your shelf-edge program, give Larry a shout.

About Larry Bauer.

A member of the Bacompt team for over six years, Larry brings to the table a well-developed skill set in critical, difference-making areas that include business strategy, market identification, sales management, and marketing communications. Prior to his role with Bacompt, Larry headed Bauer Associates, a Chicago-based marketing and sales consultancy, for 22 years.

 Larry earned a bachelor’s degree from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania and attended graduate school at Kent State University where he studied communications. He is the recipient of more than 20 marketing awards and honors and is a three-time winner of the Peter Drucker Marketing Excellence Award from Printing Industries of America.