Digital printing as part of your environmental strategy. #IPD16

Not only does digital printing provide the advantages of speed, short runs, full color, and variable data — all cost effectively, digital printing also offers many environmental benefits.

Digital’s roots.

Digital printing isn’t exactly new. Its origins trace back to 1990 with the introduction of a one-color device that provided the first viable on-demand capability by electronically processing documents for retrieval and output as needed. This allowed companies to print smaller quantities, lower unit prices, and eliminate expensive inventory and obsolescence costs.

As the concept gained traction, color and variable data capabilities evolved along with greater speed and improved print quality, changing the way organizations developed their print marketing strategies.

Digital’s eco-benefits.

  1. Electronic process — Digital printing is part of an environmentally responsible, 100 percent digital workflow that begins with file submission and continues through proofing. This workflow is usually conducted via email or FTP and is totally paperless. Only at the printing process do we start putting toner on paper.
  1. Lower toxicity — Digital printing uses non-toxic toner and mild solvents, producing less chemical waste.
  1. Paper choice — As the main raw material in printing, paper has the most visible environmental impact. But choosing stock involves more than specifying recycled content or selecting from FSC- or SFI-certified forests. Some lesser-known tips include using easily de-inked uncoated paper, specifying lower brightness to reduce bleach consumption, choosing chlorine-free papers, and considering the shelf life of the piece.
  1. Waste reduction — Non-digital printing methods require long setups and running waste that can result in approximately 15 percent of the overall job being thrown in the trash. Digital printing requires no setups and produces far less running scrap, significantly reducing waste from 15 to just five percent.

The best of both worlds.

With all of the advancements in modern technology, there are many ways to save precious environmental resources. Ask Bacompt how we can help your business use digital printing to achieve eco-friendly — and cost-effective — results.