Shelf-edge marketing: keeping your options open.

In a time of burgeoning product categories, niche marketing, and overwhelming alternatives for the consumer, it seems ironic that retailers now have fewer choices when selecting a shelf-edge marketing supplier.

Recently, the second largest supplier of shelf-edge marketing was purchased by the behemoth of the industry, essentially unifying their reach across the country and likely controlling their pricing structure. This consolidation now affects most of the outsourced tag and sign business in the U.S. grocery sector, giving retailers like you little choice.

From the phone calls we’ve received, many retailers are taking note of this development and are looking for viable alternatives. This is where Bacompt steps in. We can promise you:

• Creative solutions backed up by state-of-the-art technology.

• Cloud-based publishing, centralized processing, and direct-to-store logistics — we address client requests and changes more swiftly and effectively than any other shelf-edge supplier.

• Facilities in Indianapolis (home to the second largest FedEx air hub in the U.S.) and Phoenix that serve the U.S. from coast to coast.

• Lightning-fast turnarounds — we have never missed a deadline for our shelf-edge customers.

• Customer service that’s second to none.

If you’ve hesitated calling us because you’re concerned about our size, consider our capabilities. The largest player isn’t always the most nimble. You deserve to have a choice, and we think we can fill that role nicely.

Thank you, behemoth. You just made our day.