Preview your tag orders, change your tag orders. #IPD16

One of the biggest challenges for retail chains managing their shelf tags and signs centrally is that individual store locations don’t always get what they need, when they need it. With Bacompt’s In-store Solution, individual stores can preview and preapprove their tag and sign orders — even if they originate from corporate headquarters.

What often happens is that corporate headquarters creates a standing order of replacement tags for all stores in the chain, based on general assumptions. However, these standing orders don’t always accurately reflect reality: some stores don’t get enough of a particular tag; other stores get so many that they wind up throwing a large portion away. In other instances, sizes can be wrong depending on a store’s square footage and layout.

Our In-store Solution offers the ability for individual stores to review and make quantity and format adjustments to any tag or sign order prior to printing, which eliminates waste. Stores can order exactly what they need when they need it, increasing sales effectiveness at the shelf edge.

All you need is Internet access, a PDF reader, and a black and white printer. After uploading your data to a cloud-based server, Bacompt handles all data management and formatting. We then generate composite PDF files (viewable on our secure website) for printing either in your store or at one of our facilities. You and your designated employees have access to your entire inventory of tag and sign templates simply by logging on to our website.

Excellent control:
• Easy to use web interface
• Print at will and at any store location
• Make edits to existing tags and signs
• Change quantity, size, and format
• Immediate access to all current and archived tags and signs
• Receive valuable metrics that help you refine your program

Retail presents enough uncertainties. With our In-store Solution for shelf tags and signs, you can know exactly what you’re getting before the order is printed.