What keeps you up at night?

Recently, Progressive Grocer released their 81st Annual Report of the Grocery Industry. Their findings (based on surveys of executives from 164 supermarket chains, independents, wholesalers, and distributors across the U.S) show that while retailers are more optimistic about the current year than they have been in a decade, they still have big worries.

A majority of the respondents cited benefits, competitive threats, and labor recruitment and retention as the big issues keeping them up at night. However, overhead costs, advances in technology, and data protection immediately followed in terms of importance. For retailers who are trying to produce and manage their entire shelf tag program in house, these headaches can turn into migraines, yet they are precisely the problems an outsource printer, such as Bacompt, can solve.

Overhead costs.

Commercial printing equipment is expensive to purchase, maintain, and repair. Software requires continual upgrades. Not only do you have these factors to consider, but you also have the impact of facility expense, utilities, and human capital devoted to your printing operation. Outsourcing to a third-party printer relieves you of that burden.

Bacompt can also promise significant economies of scale in regard to consumables such as toner and substrates, as well as offer you choice. Freezer tolerant, exterior, translucent, and environmentally sustainable substrates are often cost-prohibitive when purchased in smaller amounts. But we can provide these options cost-effectively because the demand is spread among numerous clients.

Advances in technology.

In addition to overhead concerns, it’s almost impossible for retailers to keep up with the latest technological advances that result in the highest-volume, highest-speed cost efficiencies.

Digital inkjet web printers, used by many outsource printing suppliers, can output up to 328 feet per minute at a sheet width of over 21 inches. That translates to over 1,000 images per minute, compared to 110 images per minute produced by even top-of-the-line cut-sheet printers found in most in-store operations. These highly advanced printers offer duty cycles of 33,000,000 images per month, compared to 1,000,000 images per month from the best cut-sheet printers. And, with very few moving parts, the latest models are virtually paper-jam free, significantly reducing downtime and repair.

One of the most overlooked technological advancements is the ability to exploit your data to its fullest extent, resulting in dramatic in-store labor savings. For example: Digital shelf sequencing reduces presorting and application time by up to 20 percent. Duplicate cleanse can eliminate duplicate or unnecessary tags, resulting in printing and handling cost savings of up to 10 percent. Exception reporting saves transaction file research and usage time by up to 20 percent.

Data protection and security.

You can count on Bacompt to treat your company’s information with the utmost care. That’s why we’ve implemented both physical and network security protocols:

• After-hours alarm keypad
• 24/7 video surveillance
• Onsite sensitive document shredding
• Entry protocols
• Workstation protocols
• HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliant
• FISMA (Federal Information Security Management Act) compliant
• Secure data transfer (SSL/SFTP)
• Scheduled password changes
• Up-to-date antivirus software

Don’t lose any more sleep.

Bacompt can design a tag-printing program that incorporates these benefits as well as various marketing programs and our In-store Solution hybrid approach. Give us a call, and we’d be happy to consult with you.