Third-party supplier relationships: keeping the bloom on the rose.

Valentine’s Day, and all of its chocolates and flowers, has come and gone. How many columns on dating tips or secrets to romantic bliss did you come across? Did you notice how the focus seems to be on “finding the perfect match,” rather than on keeping those embers burning?

Without a doubt, you need to start out with a compatible partner. Here’s how you might apply traditional matchmaking strategy to finding a suitable third-party tag and sign partner:
Reputation. There’s an old saying that you’re only as good as your name, and it turns out to be especially true in business. Look for a tag and sign partner who has a proven track record of servicing multi-divisional grocers, leading drug chains, and multiple regional retailers. Bacompt has been doing exactly this for more than 30 years.
Physical traits. Ask if your potential printing partner has the equipment and manpower to provide 24-hour turnarounds. Are they strategically located to provide nation-wide logistics and breakneck delivery? We’ve positioned facilities to serve the entire U.S. from coast to coast.

So what happens when the “honeymoon is over”? You just might find that the right match will yield long-term benefits when you recognize these traits that will keep your third-party relationship from going stale:
Keeping your best interests at heart. The most positive relationships are the ones that are mutually supportive over the long haul. Your outsource partner should be constantly looking at pricing models and efficiencies that help keep you in the black.
Variety. When it comes to “keeping it new,” your third-party supplier should be pushing new ideas toward you. Bacompt will always be on the lookout for inventive ways to market your products and display them to their best advantage at the shelf edge.
• Fidelity. Choose an outsource partner who will support you in the long run. At the end of the day, your most trusted providers may come through for you in ways fair-weather friends won’t.

If you’re looking for a new tag and sign partner, give us a chance. We’d be happy to explore the possibility of a potential match.