At last — an in-store tag solution that gives you both immediacy and streamlined processes. #IPD16

There are several pros and cons for insourcing your shelf-tag printing. (You can view our white paper on the subject here.) But we’ve found that it often boils down to one main reason retailers choose to have at least some internal printing capability: immediacy.

Many grocery and retail chains rely heavily on in-store tag printing for daily maintenance, such as emergency replacement and price-change tags. On the other hand, insourcing can prove to be impractical for large tag volumes printed in multiple formats and substrates.

A third-party, outsource printer that also offers in-store printing capabilities can give you the best of both worlds. Here are a couple of examples:

• For retailers who are currently printing all of their tags and signage through a centralized in-house facility: You may find that the expense of equipment and consumables, as well as the maintenance and pace of technology, are simply overwhelming. An experienced, full-service tag printer should be able to provide you a simple and easy-to-use in-store solution for your urgent needs, while taking care of the heavy lifting of your store- or corporate-wide branded tags.

• For retailers who use a third-party printer in addition to their own in-store printing capabilities: Why upload and manage separate data streams? By consolidating multiple data streams with your outsource partner, you retain control of who prints what, while at the same time streamlining and simplifying your processes. The big key is to have the services complement one another, not provide expensive and unnecessary duplication.

These are just two broad scenarios, but Bacompt would be happy to provide a recommendation based on your specific situation. You may just find that you can realize more streamlining, and savings, than you imagined.

Look for us to launch our newest cloud-based, in-store printing solution in 1Q of 2014. We promise that it will be unique and loaded with benefits for today’s retail environment.