Bacompt trends: improvements to help your business thrive.

Bacompt continually invests in and promotes the latest technology in order to help your business move forward. We’d like to take a moment here to highlight a few developments of note.

• We have recently opened a new production facility in the Phoenix, Arizona area, enabling us to better serve our western region customers. Manufacturing equipment will include multiple high-speed, variable-data printing systems in addition to sophisticated, custom-built die cutting machines. Bacompt’s Jeff Smith will lead the Phoenix team with over 28 years of management and systems experience that includes working with a wide range of digital printing systems, as well as serving a diverse roster of national accounts.

• Prompting our Phoenix opening, we were awarded an agreement from Bashas’ Family of Stores, a prominent Phoenix-based chain that includes Bashas’, Bashas’ Diné, AJ’s Fine Foods, and Food City. The company now has more than 130 stores serving every county in Arizona, as well as Needles, California and Crownpoint, New Mexico.

• We secured a contract for implementation of rebranded shelf tags for Indianapolis-based Marsh Supermarkets. Founded in 1931, Marsh operates 87 supermarkets throughout Indiana and Ohio and has the distinction of being the first grocery store in the world to use electronic scanners to ring up purchases. With 40 in-store pharmacy locations, Marsh boasts the largest pharmacy chain based in the state of Indiana.

• We are currently running a new ad campaign in Supermarket News, a leading trade magazine for the food distribution industry. We’ll be running half-page island ads, as well as strip ads on the table of contents and box ads on the cover, from September 2013 to June of 2014. Our theme, “same tags, different experience” embodies our commitment to excellence in customer service and providing out-of-the-box solutions.

The progress doesn’t stop there. Always with a keen eye toward the future, Bacompt strives to continually raise the bar on shelf tag printing, marketing, and service. Watch for our next Buzz entry on our in-store printing solution.