Check Out These Valuable Industry Resources

White papers and trade news publications (in addition to blogs) are great resources that can deepen your industry knowledge and help you stay current on the latest trends. We’ll outline some recommended reading here.

White Papers

Bacompt has just released its second white paper available for download here: “Shelf tag printing – comparing the benefits of insourcing vs. outsourcing.” It demonstrates how outsourcing shelf tag printing becomes a viable alternative when you evaluate total cost of ownership. Important topics considered in this white paper include:
• Overhead
• Technology
• Economies of scale
• Labor savings
• Industry expertise

Our first white paper (also available for download), “Improving shelf tag efficiencies – three key components,” demonstrates how Bacompt’s Shelf Edge Program uses an integrated, data-driven solution that transforms dozens of manual touchpoints, saving countless labor hours, reducing human error, and maximizing profits. Important topics covered include:
• Digital shelf sequencing
• Duplicate cleanse
• Exception reporting
• Supermarket case study

Industry publications

There are a number of excellent retail industry publications — many of them free and offering print and/or electronic versions — that will keep you up-to-date on the latest news and trends.

Chain Drug Review
Published 21 times per year, Chain Drug Review’s editorial commitment is to deliver the industry’s most accurate, timely and informative perspective on the events and trends that impact chain drug retailing.

Drug Store News (DSN)
DSN is a leading source of news, knowledge and networking for professionals in the multi-billion dollar retail pharmacy marketplace. The publication provides timely coverage of industry news, front-of-store merchandising trends, and pharmacy developments to retail pharmacy industry executives.

Grocery Headquarters
Grocery Headquarters presents grocery executives with the research necessary for strategic planning, based on an encompassing view of issues, events and developments in the industry.  It offers an inside look at the trends, practices and circumstances affecting today’s ever changing retail marketplace.

Progressive Grocer
A voice of the retail food industry for 90 years, Progressive Grocer’s core audience includes top management at headquarters and key decision makers at store-level. Its readership spans chain supermarkets to regional and local independent grocers, supercenters, wholesaler distributors, manufacturers and other supply chain trading partners.

Supermarket News (SN)
SN is a nationally circulated weekly trade magazine for the food distribution industry. It is an information source for industry news, trends, and product features. The publication’s readership includes retailers, manufacturers, brokers, analysts, association executives and others connected to the industry.

The Shelby Report
The Shelby Report consists of five regional, tabloid-format newspapers edited for retail and wholesale customers in the grocery trade. Major chain and independent supermarkets keep pace with their respective markets through timely, staff-written news, features, and special sections.

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