Engaging Male Shoppers at the Shelf Edge

The grocery store industry knows that more men are shopping than ever before. They’re also learning that the male shoppers no longer fit old stereotypes. Assuming that all males are impulse buyers with no plan or list would be incorrect, according to a GfK Custom Research study reported in Supermarket News. Here are some of the survey highlights regarding male grocery shopping habits:
• More than two-thirds compare prices
• 64 percent make a shopping list ahead of time
• 47 percent browse the store to find unadvertised specials
• 81 percent make meals themselves using fresh or raw ingredients compared to 89 percent of females
• 39 percent use coupons compared to 53 percent of females
• 36 percent use cell phones for in-store research compared to 29 percent of females
• 57 percent say they spend less than one hour in the store compared to 53 percent of females who say they spend an hour or more

Opportunities at the Shelf Edge

The survey, which included 1,000 males and 1,000 females identified as primary household shoppers, reveals that men are more involved in shopping and cooking than ever before. It also points to men being more savvy shoppers than many previously thought.

But effectively serving men may require stepping up your in-store experience. Shelf edge and other point-of-purchase promotions and information play well with males. Incorporating mobile technology through QR codes is another way to engage males.

A little entertainment might not hurt either. Supermarket News reports one U.K. supermarket chain is testing shopping carts that come with a tilting iPad dock. Through a partnership with Sky television, shoppers can use their iPads to download an app and watch their favorite sporting events while shopping. Perhaps you can envision a future sign in the fresh produce department saying, “If you spike a cantaloupe, you’ve bought it!”

The Bacompt team can help you execute shelf-edge programs to attract men or any other demographic your store is targeting. I invite you to learn more about our wide range of capabilities by giving me a call at 1-800-533-7109.

Start With a Clean Shelf Edge

Perhaps one of the hardest tasks to keep up with is maintaining a clean shelf edge. The last thing you want is for your department manager or scanning coordinator to have to clean up little bits of old adhesive underneath each two-inch tag as it’s replaced. So, is cleaning really all that important? You bet it is.

A dirty shelf edge with old tag residue not only keeps new tags from sticking properly, it doesn’t look so great for your store’s image, either. And if you’re a grocer, it’s even more important that your products — and how they are displayed — look as appetizing as possible.

But how can you tackle this problem efficiently? The trick is to clean larger sections at one time; e.g., during a category reset. That way, the “elbow grease” is distributed across a four-foot swath, instead of a two- or three-inch area. If you faithfully follow this routine, you’ll find that most every shelf edge in your store will get cleaned at least once a year.

Now for method: we like to use 97-99% isopropyl alcohol and a dual-surface, scour and sponge pad. Use the alcohol with the scouring side to cut through old residue, then wipe clean with the sponge side.

It’s that simple. More importantly, it’s not all that time-consuming and yet extremely important for your image. Now you’re ready to start hanging some eye-catching tags!