What’s Your Sustainable Sourcing Strategy?

Sustainable sourcing initiates are moving rapidly up the priority list for manufacturers and retailers alike. Within the grocery industry, sustainable sourcing helps ensure that products being offered have zero or limited negative impact on the communities and ecosystems from which they are sourced.

This practice makes it possible for shoppers to make purchasing decisions that:
• Support local farmers and producers, not only helping to keep them in business but also to deliver benefits for the entire food system.
• Feature organic, regional, and seasonal food while helping to ensure that families eat the healthiest, freshest food possible.
• Provide factual information about where non-local food products are sourced and the impact of business operations on workers in developing countries.
• Work within the finite limits of the planet’s resources.
• Move toward a low-carbon economy.

Sustainable Food Buyers Represent an Attractive Demographic

The added benefit of a sustainable sourcing program is that 54 percent of shoppers will spend more for sustainable products from socially responsible companies. Research also indicates that this growing market typically spends triple the average basket size. What these purchasers seek is a trusted, simple way to identify which products those are.

That’s why Bacompt partners with HowGood, a company that offers a unique rating system for sustainable products that allows shoppers to make informed decisions at the shelf edge. The system includes ratings of “None, Good, Very Good, and Great” for 104,672 products and counting.

While the system is quick and easy for your customers, HowGood actually uses more than 60 indicators that cover a company’s behavior over time and the provenance of ingredients and the manufacturing process.

More specifically, HowGood:
• Establishes benchmarks for every common ingredient and product manufacturing process. They examine best and worst practices and the quality of ingredients, working out the product-specific impact of different ingredients and the way they’re processed.
• Accesses and evaluates corporate sustainability practices and performance.
• Goes in deep to investigate the products’ ingredients as well as the company’s procurement and processing methods.

The result is a detailed, accurate picture of every product rated. Your customers get the assurance that you’ve gone the extra distance to provide a rating system where every bit of sustainability-related information has been tested and analyzed to make sure it’s both accurate and relevant.

The Bacompt team shares your commitment to sustainable sourcing best practices. Give me a call at 1-800-533-7109 if you’d like to discuss how we can help enhance your sustainable sourcing program.